All potential franchisees must be:

Mint Café Bar  handles the entire project management of your new business, from designs to plans, costing, shop fitting and merchandising (ie turnkey).As a new franchisee you are welcome to have input on the design and layout of your new business. However, the final decision on the design and layout rests with Mint Café Bar . Shop fitting is performed by Mint Café Bar  appointed shop fitters.  In summary, the following support is provided to you after you sign the Franchise Agreement but before opening your business:

1.    Operational training for the owner and staff
2.    Recruitment and selection of staff
3.    Training of staff
4.    Design, project management, building and shop fitting

One of the most satisfying aspects of a Mint Café Bar  franchise is the teamwork Mint Café Bar  promotes and supports. Mint Café Bar  encourages participation and feedback and takes an active role in supporting your needs with its strong back up team. We are on the same team and we consider our relationship a partnership, where we are striving to achieve the same goals.

Franchise Concepts -

Mint Café Bar - A Mint Café Bar is a typical Café-Coffee shop-restaurant trading out of 180 - 450 m2, and located in a range of sites such as malls, high visibility, high traffic centres and stand alone sites. The menu will be extensive, and with waiter service to tables, thus labour costs are higher. A full retail section may accompany this café , We at mint pride ourself in being a multi unit cafe restaurant, which means that you will be catering for weddings and high end functions.

Mint Café Bar -  has a lower turnkey set up cost of $140000.00  to $450000.00, depending on many variables of size, complexity of the retail section and stock levels, size of the menu and hence the equipment required in the kitchen.

The total investment for a Mint Café Bar franchise varies from store to store because of numerous factors including different store sizes and varying contributions from landlords etc.  The total investment is made up of the following costs:

1.    Initial discussion and registration
2.    Prospective franchisee screening cost
3.    Business Viability & Verification Process
4.    Initial Franchise Fee
5.    Fixed Franchise establishment costs
6.    Variable Franchise establishment costs

The objective of this section is to give you an indication of what your total investment may be.

There is no cost to a potential franchisee during initial discussions, basic registration, and discussion and response to the Mint Café Bar business disclosure document. If both parties are positive, and wish to proceed further, then costs will then start to be incurred, which are payable by the prospective franchisee.

Screening of the applicant is carried out , and ranges from initial meeting and interviewing the applicant, and screening through several external companies, in order to check criteria such as references, financial background etc.

At certain times we may also conduct personality profiles by means of simple aptitude tests, the cost of the screening assessment of one applicant is approx $500 , and varies depending on the number of applicants screened.

These tests are to highlight any areas which may require additional training, prior to or after the Franchise is opened, the results of which are passed on to the candidate. Payment is upfront and non-refundable, but in no circumstance guarantees that the application is acceptable.

The cost of any Business Viability & Verification Process will range from zero ( internal ) , to a maximum of $5 000.00 plus VAT if the prospective Franchisee wants an outside agency to be used , dependent on the store location and to what degree suitable Market research is available or required. Our normal service level is usually sufficient and this carries no fee, but as with all viability assessments carries no guarantees.

The Initial Franchise Fee for a new store is $25000.00 . This fee is mandatory for all franchisees as combined up front joining & training fee . This fee is dependent on the site location, and the extent of training deemed by the Franchisor to be necessary, after assessing all the requirements.  This amount is to cover the cost of granting a franchisee the right to the use of trademarks, logos and intellectual property, as well as the following services:
Operations Training Programme

1.    Recruitment and selection of staff
2.    New store construction
3.    This amount is only due and payable to the franchisor once you sign the Mint Café Bar Franchise Agreement.  At that point, this amount becomes non-refundable.

There are a number of franchise establishment costs that have been set by Mint Café Bar that are not variable.
These are , with their cost

Legal Agreements costs are to cover the franchisor's costs in taking your Franchise Agreement through to conclusion. Designs, plans and costing is covered under 'Franchisor Support' above and is to cover the cost of taking the initial design ideas through to final working drawings and to assist a potential franchisee in establishing his total investment cost.

The figures below are intended to give you an approximate range of potential costs you will incur to establish your proposed Mint Café Bar franchise. (this total includes the above upfront fee and design fees) International Franchising
In the surrounding SA countries, Mint Café Bar Cafe prefers to expand via the master licensee route for various countries, as this ensures that the necessary brand protection and expansion takes place with interested partners on the ground.

The master licensee should have access to the necessary funds to grow the brand quite quickly, have the necessary clout and business contacts to secure the necessary sites, be prepared to commit themselves to being involved in the business, and have the same outlook to business and passion for the brand that we, the license holders, have for the Mint Café Bar concept.

The master license is usually for a period of 10 years, with a master license fee usually payable for the rights within the respective territory. The master license would require the licensee to open a certain number of stores within an agreed period. The master license fee and potential number of stores would depend on our negotiations as well as the potential for the number of stores within the territory concerned.

Area Availability
Prerequisites for site selection include high visibility, high traffic and high foot traffic areas. Each new location is evaluated separately, taking into account: households, income, density, race groups and competitors within the trade area.

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